‘Maria de Buenos Aires’

by A.Piazzolla collaboration with Deco Ensemble at Arcola Theatre, Grimeborn Opera Festival 2016

Maria de Buenos Aires
Tango Opera by Astor Piazzolla (1968)
Libretto by Horacio Ferrer
By arrangement with Warner/Chappell Music Ltd administered by Faber Music Ltd

Director: Natalie Katsou
Musical Director: Ricardo Gosalbo
Set Designer: Jemima Robinson
Costume Designer: Kate Royds
Lighting Designer: Rob Youngson
Producer : Evi Mavrou
Assistant Director: Amelia Sweetland
Production Assistant: Fernanda Aguirre

Catarina Sereno –Soprano
Ian Helm – Baritone
Bianca Vcran & Sasha El Masry -Dancers
Matthew Wade – Actor
Meliz Taylor - Little Maria
Béatrice de Larragoïti, Benjamin Ellis - Covers (Cover show: 1st Sept)

Lucia Veintimilla – violin
Elena Marigomez – double bass
Ricardo Gosalbo – piano
Bartosz Glowacki- accordion
Rob Luft – electric guitar

Maria was seduced by the tango. Now she is the most bewitching dancer in Buenos Aires, and the talk of its red light district. But when the languishing Piazzolla is driven mad by her ‘fatal passion’, he conspires to stop it dead. Maria is made of flesh and blood, but her spirit will be harder to kill…