Grimeborn Festival 2014: The Medium by Gian Carlo Menotti
June 13, 2017

This evening ticks all the boxes. It might feel like a whistle stop tour, but these are perfect snippets for an introduction to opera. Katsou’s priority is storytelling. She keeps things simple, setting the action in present day Camden town so we have no trouble relating to the characters, and tweaking the libretto to fit with modern lingo. Singing is these performers’ forte. Between them, Bailey, Kennedy, and Fisher boast training from the Royal Academy [Ed.] of Music, Trinity Conservatoire and Guildhall School of Music and Drama, and gracefully adjust their qualified voices to the damp acoustics. Musical director and talented repetiteur Amber Rainey handles the reduced score with sensitivity, her hands quite literally cradling the notes as she strokes the keys of the electric keyboard and draws as much sentiment from the instrument as she can. As Operaview continue to triumph over a lack of funding, I hope more people discover this extraordinarily creative little company.

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